The PredIQt 2020 Roadmap

2020 is poised to be the biggest year yet for PredIQt — Everipedia’s Knowledge Market.

2019 was the year that PredIQt debuted in its beta form. 2020 will be the year that it transitions into a full-featured, decentralized product. We have quite a few exciting developments in the pipeline, and we’re excited to share them with you.

Thus far, we’ve built and launched a closed beta version of PredIQt, released an open public version, and more recently enabled full community participation with the release of user-generated markets, referral rewards, and more.

This post serves as a public roadmap for what we have planned throughout the coming year. In addition to adding lots of exciting new features, we’re focused on gaining more traction, driving more users and volume to the platform, and making PredIQt more open, accessible, and decentralized. Thank you for being a part of this journey, and we look forward to building with you in 2020!

Major Feature Milestones for 2020

In addition to the quarterly action items listed in the following section, we have a number of over-arching themes for this year. In terms of major features, you can expect the following:

  • support for multiple oracle types for user-generated markets
  • global localization and multi-language support
  • $IQ and stablecoin-denominated markets
  • development and deployment of an $IQ-based generalized resolution system

Q1 2020

User-Generated Market Improvements

UGMs were released earlier this year, and we will continue to optimize the experience based on feedback from users. In the weeks that UGMs have been live, we have already implemented a number of improvements and changes, with more to come.

PredIQt.js Library

This quarter we plan to release the PredIQt.js library, which will serve as a frontend library for embedding PredIQt UI & data modules. This will enable more third-party development, including the ability for any PredIQt community member to spin up a PredIQt protocol front-end.

PredIQt API Updates

We will be releasing a REST API that is functionally equivalent to our GraphQL API. Later on, we plan to open-source both of these APIs in order to further encourage and facilitate open-source development on the PredIQt protocol.

Wallet & Service Provider Partnerships

We’ve been in discussions with a number of wallet providers, including Scatter and others, about direct integration and further support of PredIQt. We will be releasing additional details and implementing some of these exciting partnerships this quarter.

PredIQt Data Dashboard

We are working on a dashboard that will display key public stats related to PredIQt — number of markets, volume across the platform, total $IQ burned, and much more.

Q2 2020

Additional Oracle Support

Currently, user-generated markets only allow for the PredIQt multi-sig account to act as the resolver. This is a temporary measure, as the long-term vision for PredIQt will allow any EOS user to create a market on any topic, specifying any account as the resolver.

We built PredIQt to offer extremely modular and customizable resolution. We recognize that various market types may call for various oracles, and that the level of trustlessness and decentralization needed in an oracle may vary from market to market. In Q2 of this year, we plan to add support for a number of other oracle types in UGMs. We are looking at platforms like LiquidApps, Provable, Delphi, and others for future integration.

Website Localization

PredIQt is a global, borderless platform. Participation from a global user set both increases liquidity and improves prediction accuracy. In order to reach this audience, we need to provide localized language and website support for community members in other parts of the world. We will be working on solutions for this. Initially, we will focus our efforts on Chinese, Korean, and Spanish support. Later on, we will continue to add other regions and languages.

Design and Public Feedback for Generalized Resolution System (GRS)

In addition to supporting third-party oracles like Delphi, we plan to build a generalized, decentralized resolution system that supports any arbitrary market. It will function similarly to the existing $REP-based oracle system on Augur, though we will likely implement different mechanics.

The GRS is probably the most important and ambitious piece of work we will do on PredIQt in 2020, and it is a major component of building out a complete, fully decentralized prediction market protocol. We have been working on this project internally for a number of months, reviewing various possible designs for this system. In Q2 we plan to open-source our first spec of the system in order to solicit feedback, criticisms, and improvements from the Everipedia and PredIQt community.

Q3 2020

Building and Testing of Generalized Resolution System

After we have solicited community feedback, we will begin development on the PredIQt generalized resolution system.

Additional Wallets

We plan to add native support for additional wallets used by the EOS community, including TokenPocket,, Anchor, and others.

Stablecoin + $IQ-Denominated Markets

Many community members have suggested that we offer markets denominated in other tokens. We plan to add support for $IQ-based markets, as well as stablecoin markets. In particular, stablecoin markets will allow for the creation of safer and more effective long-term markets, since participants will not have to take price risk on the underlying token.

Q4 2020

Implementation of Generalized Resolution System

The major focus for Q4 of this year will be the public, live implementation of the generalized resolution system. It will be the most complex set of smart contracts we have deployed since launching PredIQt publicly. Once this has been deployed, PredIQt will have all the components to allow for a full market life cycle in a way that is fully decentralized and customizable.

Advanced Trading Portal

Currently, the PredIQt UI is meant to serve as an easy-to-use portal for anyone to participate in markets. However, we recognize that there exist a certain class of advanced users who require more functionality and options. We plan to build a separate advanced trading portal with features like limit orders, a more detailed orderbook, etc. Users will be able to toggle back and forth between basic and advanced mode to select the UI of their choice.

More Complex Market Types

Currently, PredIQt only supports binary markets — which allows for any event to be put into a market in a yes/no format. In the future, we hope to support multiple market types, including scalar and categorical markets. We will begin work to build support for more complex markets in the last quarter of this year.

As always, be sure to follow us on Telegram and Twitter to stay updated on PredIQt. Your feedback is what allows us to continue improving the PredIQt product, so please share any questions, comments, or concerns with us!



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